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Discover your holiday-experience at the Costa Rica Bibione: suites near the private beach, spa and center; 0 structural barriers; a swimming pool; a pet-friendly space...
So suite. That's what we call a five-star holiday in Bibione.
So suite. That's what we call a five-star holiday in Bibione.
For those who believe that the 'dolce vita' is a life immersed in five-star intimate silence and nature

Those who want to tell you all about the Bibione nightlife don't really know you... at all! What you are looking for in Bibione is the opposite: you want silence, nature, the sweet sensation of having everything you need whenever you need it - a super comfortable bed, a beautiful view of the green, a super clean swimming pool every day, bright spaces with high-end finishes and many mod-cons. In other words, a five-star holiday home which reflects your tastes and is far away from chaos. 

So suite is a five-star holiday experience for a regenerating and intimate holiday, immersed in the greenest and most exclusive nature and silence of Bibione.

Experience So suite at our Eco Resort!

Enchanting suites with a low environmental impact await you! In actual fact, they are holiday apartments, but they are so beautiful that it felt a little "reductive" to just call them "apartments".

Intimacy and silence
The starry sky above you and stillness inside you (Kant will forgive us!).

Nature all around. The sea right in front
The resort is surrounded by the green, with a sea view far from all the chaos.

Five-star holiday apartments
Refined finishings, first choice mod-cons and exclusive locations.

VIP Beach service
Feel free to feel like a star: you'll have your own VIP spot on the beach, entertainment included.

CAPINERA 2-bedroom flat with balcony: you couldn't ask for more!
RONDINE 2-bedroom flat with garden you always want to go back to
USIGNOLO 2-bedroom flat and balcony which features blue shades
PICCHIO VERDE one-bedroom flat with garden and open-air lounge
AIRONE one-bedroom flat with a balcony overlooking the green
CINCIALLEGRA colorful 2-bedroom apartment with private garden

Holiday apartments in Bibione overlooking the sea?

You can look all over, but you'll only find the So suite experience at our Eco Resort! Here, you'll get to experience the dolce vita just the way you like it!


Why go on a cookie-cutter holiday? We’ve created the best experience for YOU!

Relax and recharge your batteries
Are you looking for an apartment in Bibione near the spa? Here is a suite with a private spa for a Vacation with a capital "V".
A holiday in Bibione with no barriers or compromises
A suite overlooking the sea, immersed in nature and equipped with all the mod-cons required for people with disabilities.
Move&Relax: that's what we call the holiday in Bibione that gives you everything you need and a whole lot more.
Dive into the hustle and bustle of Bibione's town center, but also relax in its renowned spas
Start planning your holiday experience!
Start planning your holiday experience!
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