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Discover your holiday-experience at the Costa Rica Bibione: suites near the private beach, spa and center; 0 structural barriers; a swimming pool; a pet-friendly space...
The Costa Rica Bibione inclusive hospitality manifesto
The Costa Rica Bibione inclusive hospitality manifesto
Our hospitality knows no barriers. It does not ask you to make any compromises.

At the Costa Rica Bibione, we believe that the only possible form of hospitality is inclusive hospitality. The kind that redesigns spaces to make them accessible. The kind that breaks down barriers and builds boardwalks where there once were steps. The kind that offers a service only if everyone can benefit from it.

We are thinking about the guest who needs a wheelchair, who struggles to walk, who has a stroller, who suffers from allergies. We are thinking about all guests, so everyone can enjoy their holiday without having to make compromises or deal with any kind of barrier.

The Costa Rica Bibione is certified by Village For All as an accommodation facility that offers inclusive hospitality.

We believe that:

1. A service is real only if it serves everybody.

2. Spaces must adapt to people, not the other way round.

3. The environments, amenities and information need to make people's lives' easier.

4. Everything needs to be designed to minimize efforts.

5. Any element that may constitute a risk needs to be eliminated or isolated.

A holiday at the Costa Rica Bibione is synonymous with relaxing, having fun, and enjoying new experiences. We want it to be this way for all our guests.

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