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Discover your holiday-experience at the Costa Rica Bibione: suites near the private beach, spa and center; 0 structural barriers; a swimming pool; a pet-friendly space...
Reconcile with nature
Reconcile with nature
A Holiday in Bibione All Rustles and Chirping.

Holiday mood: chirp, chirp, fff, shhh. This is the melody you can listen to here at the Costa Rica Bibione. In our suites immersed in nature you will be lulled by birdsong and the rustling of the sea breeze. You will relax in silence, contemplating the sea right in front of you.

Pure relaxation… that’s what awaits you! We will help you find it by providing all that is needed to fulfil your dreams: delicately furnished rooms equipped with all comforts. Don’t you feel like unwinding and regenerating? Follow the “chirp, chirp” and we will be there for you!

A Holiday in Bibione, Relaxing Natural Surroundings

In the quiet of nature
Leave your ear plugs at home. Nature encompasses our suites immersed in silence. They are located in the greenest, most secluded and exclusive area of ​​Bibione.

Look outside: the sea!
Were you looking for a holiday home in Bibione facing the sea? At the Costa Rica Bibione, the sea is the first thing you will see as soon as you wake up and the last before falling asleep.

Swimming pool and hot tub
Another sound that you will often hear? Gurgle, gurgle. It is the bubbling of our heated swimming pool and hot tub.

Low environmental impact suites
Nature embraces us because we respect our surroundings. At the Costa Rica Bibione, we are aware of the importance of clean energy: we heat our rooms and water using solar energy.

PICCHIO VERDE one-bedroom flat with garden and open-air lounge
RONDINE 2-bedroom flat with garden you always want to go back to

Nature will be your travel companion!

Suites with swimming pool in the greenest area of ​​Bibione

At the Costa Rica Bibione, you will find a lot of green but also a lot of navy blue. That of the starry skies, of the sea in front of the suites and of our swimming pool and hot tub. Outside, the stillness of nature; inside, the comfort of an environment delicately furnished down to the finest details: always clean linen; beds to sleep on like a log; fully-equipped kitchen to make you feel at home.

At our resort, your holiday mood will be: chirp, chirp, fff, shhh.


Why go on a cookie-cutter holiday? We’ve created the best experience for YOU!

Enjoy your holiday with your kids
Are you looking for an apartment in Bibione on the beach, with a swimming pool, that is perfect for children? Warm... getting hotter... you’ve found it!
A holiday in Bibione with no barriers or compromises
A suite overlooking the sea, immersed in nature and equipped with all the mod-cons required for people with disabilities.
So suite. That's what we call a five-star holiday in Bibione.
For those who believe that the 'dolce vita' is a life immersed in five-star intimate silence and nature
Start planning your holiday experience!
Start planning your holiday experience!
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