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Discover your holiday-experience at the Costa Rica Bibione: suites near the private beach, spa and center; 0 structural barriers; a swimming pool; a pet-friendly space...
Fall in love
Fall in love
In our Apart-hotel in Bibione, enjoying your very own romantic suite... with a SPA!

We could have called it a "love nest", but "suite with a SPA" gets the idea across better. What you'll find here is a very romantic and cozy suite with a spa area just for you. Or, we should say, just for the two of you.

Some guests don't even leave their apartment, but we assure you that it's not bad at all out there! You can enjoy a romantic dinner in a refined restaurant, a kayaking excursion at sunset across Bibione's lagoon or a walk on the beach at dawn. 

Yes, we must confess - at the Costa Rica Bibione, we are romantics at heart. Just like you.  

Your holiday in Bibione: a five-heart suite

A Suite with a SPA
The SPA is zero meters away from the apartment and it's all for you. A stone's throw away from your bed. You can't miss it. Looking for a place where there are more people? Then head to Bibione spa, only 250 meters from your apartment.

You pamper yourself... and we'll take care of you, too!
You'll find all the mod-cons you need in the apartments and, on the beach, we'll make sure you get the VIP treatment. Yes - this is real love.

A stone's throw away from the beach
The beach isn't right on your doorstep... but it is only 150 meters far from the apartments! Just follow the sound of the sea and you'll get there in no time.

Close to renowned restaurants
For those of you who love a good meal... or for those of you who simply love.

Can you hear the music? It's the romantic suite!

Suite with a SPA: 50 square meters of romanticism and intimacy 

One, two, three. That's how many steps there are between your bed and the SPA. If you count more, it's because our apartments are over 50 m2. You know, all the space you need for every comfort. The beach is only 150 meters away and there you'll be spoiled rotten by our VIP service. Bibione spa is only 250 meters far... but that doesn't really matter, does it? You've got your own private spa!

COCOA open space suite + private SPA. Come pamper yourself...
ANTHURIUM a barrier-free island of relaxation, with private SPA

Go where the heart leads you: to the Costa Rica Bibione

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Relax and recharge your batteries
Are you looking for an apartment in Bibione near the spa? Here is a suite with a private spa for a Vacation with a capital "V".
A holiday in Bibione with no barriers or compromises
A suite overlooking the sea, immersed in nature and equipped with all the mod-cons required for people with disabilities.
Reconcile with nature
A Holiday in Bibione All Rustles and Chirping.
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Start planning your holiday experience!
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