We’ll Charge Your Electric Car

Green vacations are also ‘green’ for the means of transportation we use to reach the destinations of our much yearned for vacation.

The use of electric cars is spreading like crazy in various countries. Since we host tourists from all over the world we have often gathered their experiences on the topic, and many others have arrived in Bibione for their vacation with their electric vehicles.

Ricarica auto

Given our ‘eco-friendly’ vocation, we therefore decided to install, at the Costa Rica Aparthotel in Bibione, charging stations for electric vehicles so that all owners of this type of vehicle can conveniently use them even on their vacation.

We always care about the environment, really emphasizing energy savings. That’s why the electricity produced by our car charging station is completely generated by renewable sources.

Right now our electricity “distributor” is the only one in Bibione you can find advertised on the online maps that can provide a full tank of energy for your vehicle!

Of the many people who love the environment and electric cars, it was a nice experience to greet some of the first European Tesla customers, who after having found us using online maps that show the different distributors, paid us a visit for a quick charge for their fast car.

Our guests get to use charging stations free included in the price of their stay, while for those who need to recharge their car but are not our guests, we have decided to charge a few euros.

Here are a few technical details on our recharging stations so you can see if your electric car can fill up with energy at our Aparthotel in Bibione.

All the charging stations are equipped with Type2 outlets with 7 kW and EEC Blue plugs with 3 kW.

If you have a car that meets these standards, now you know that by staying in one of our apartments in Bibione you can recharge your vehicle at no charge!

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