Pet Friendly Holiday Apartments

Greeting you at the reception, when you arrive in Bibione will be Boris.

We’re not talking about a stiff Russian butler with a fierce look, but rather the real host.

Indeed, Boris is our pet, a friend to all our guests.

We love animals, Bibione loves animals, Lucky, Ginger, Boris, Sasha, Rocky, cats and dogs of all sizes, races, and names are always welcome. Both on the beach and in the apartments we have thought up ad hoc solutions for them.

Cats and dogs are welcome in all the apartments and suites. The famous Pluto Beach greets them with many activities and spaces dedicated to wellness, relaxation, and the joy of experiencing a holiday together with your animal friends.

You might think that fêtes, parties, and contests are just for your usual beauty queens that saunter down runways, while instead in Bibione all this becomes normal even for our four-legged friends. With them, you’ll experience a vacation where you’re the star, enjoying every possible comfort.

Rolling around in the sand, going for a swim, running after a ball or a stick are tiring activities. Then in the evening it’s essential to spruce up for a stroll down the streets of the town center of Bibione or to win the heart of some local female dog.

That’s why our Boris has suggested we offer your life companions the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing bath, get a fashionable fur cut, and a brush to make them shine, a “clawicure” so that claws are perfect at all times, or a super teeth cleaning to break out into the most beautiful smile.

Since Boris knows more about these things than we do, we had to follow his advice and that of all our guests that have cats and dogs with them. We offer a special deal with one of the most famous toiletry centers in the area, precisely in Bibione!’

Now you can tell your four-legged best friend that you’ll spend your next vacation at the beach in Bibione, in a “sea” of convenience and fun!

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