Free Wi-Fi in the Apartment and on the Beach

Today few manage to go without an Internet connection.

All those who can stay away from their smartphone for more than a few hours without checking what people are saying on Facebook, what pictures friends and famous people we follow are publishing on Instagram, and reading the tweets of the latest news, raise your hand. We have a hard time, let’s be honest!

When we are on vacation we don’t miss the chance to take a picture of a beautiful landscape or to take a selfie to share our vacation with friends. While we are lying on a beach chair on the beach we read the news on our smartphone.

What can we say, an Internet connection is always highly requested, especially for those who come from abroad and don’t want to spend a fortune on credit or subscriptions.

A few years ago we introduced our offer: Internet access through a free Wi-Fi connection in our apartments.

Over time, we have improved the speed and quality of the connection and to access Internet on your smartphone without having to consume your own giga.

You don’t have to pay any extra fee. The service is always included in the cost of the stay, as is our habit!

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