Apartment cleaning services

Particular needs of all our Guests with allergies and intolerances it prompted us to acquire as much information as possible to improve every year the protocol of cleaning and sanitizing of our apartments.

For the cleaning of each apartment, these are the steps followed: 

  1. Floor mechanical cleaning with KAERCHER T 15/1 vacuum cleaner equipped with HEPA filter
  2. Extraction of hairs, mites and allergens from upholstery and mattresses with special vacuum cleaner
  3. Use of cleaning products that benefit from the nano-technology, based on titanium and silver particles with active oxygen release in the surrounding environment
  4. Use of disposable mop cloths pre-impregnated with detergents that guarantee 99.9% absence of allergenic components
  5. Washing of all tissues in the apartments (curtains, blankets, duvets, sofa covers) each time a pet has stayed in the apartment

This protocol allows us a major reduction of chemicals normally used. The products we use are fully tested and harmless to the guests, environments, operators and animals.

We are therefore pleased to offer to all our Gests, and not only to those suffering from allergies, an impeccable service that results in use of dedicated equipment and new technology products, which provide 99.99% deep cleaning of apartments, no components left that could give allergies and intolerances.

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