Holiday apartments with access for disabled

“Some call them ‘disabled’ and others ‘ differently-abled’; to us they are Filippo, Margareth, Frank, Andrea, Paola, Hans, and we could go on and on...”

We wanted to use this quote taken from a comic strip we came across on Facebook because it absolutely represents our idea of a vacation equal for all.

Those that already know Bibione know very well that it’s a friendly place, where there are 4 km of completely accessible beaches, with convenient catwalks, no barriers, shallow seabed, and a broad beach perfect for everyone.

Naturally we have to live up to our town’s standards. So the apartments in our buildings are equipped with all necessary comforts that make them accessible and easy to use for anyone. That means broad spaces, practical and functional furniture, elevators, and no barriers whatsoever both inside and outside the suites.

We believe that a vacation means making you feel at home.

That’s why we try to listen to every need, idea, and piece of advice that guests leave us every time they come to see us. We work on them every season to make our accommodations even more welcoming.

All the Costa Rica Aparthotel and Costa Rica Eco Resort suites have been conceived – and are improved every year – to give even those who have trouble getting around a chance to go on and arrange their own vacation without the slightest preoccupation.

The bathrooms are large and convenient, with no steps or other barriers, the doorways are wide and let you go in and out of the rooms without having to jump through hoops. The elevators for getting to the apartments are spacious, but the beauty of experiencing a vacation in Bibione is the sea.

You can get to our private beaches entirely by wheelchair. Wide convenient catwalks take you directly to the beach chairs and under an umbrella. And for those who want to go swimming, right there and ready to roll you have the JOB©: the all-new wheelchairs with super gigantic wheels that let you go directly into the water without sinking.

Get your swimsuit ready. You don’t have any more excuses or worries keeping you from seriously considering a vacation at the sea in Bibione!

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